Working toward that day when “The World Is One” again.

Our mission is to provide our Jersey shore community with sustainable, local, natural, fair trade and organic foods. We aim to deliver fair prices, support, education and our love of the earth and all it’s inhabitants.

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You hear it all the time. But what does it really mean and why does it matter?

This enormous land mass was called “Pangaea.”

In the earliest days of the Earth, prior to the Triassic Period, the seven continents were melded together into one huge supercontinent. No geographic barrier separated the continents and all of the living things lived as one. This enormous land mass was called “Pangaea”.

About Us

Our mission is to provide our community with sustainable, local, natural, fair trade and organic foods. We aim to deliver fair prices, community support, education and our shared love of the earth. Working toward that day again when “the world is one” again.

The Market

Our store is a curated health food store. We choose only the highest quality products and proudly provide our Jersey shore community with the best organic and natural foods, with an additional emphasis of gluten and allergy-free foods.

Exclusive Specials

Every month, Pangaea offers special prices on a wide variety of our healthy merchandise. Check back frequently and see how you can keep it local, stay healthy and save big!

Pangaea Exclusive

Healthnotes is an independent provider of information regarding nutrition using herbs, vitamins and minerals. Check out this extensive resource for any health-related questions you may have.

The Pangaea Post

Meat Alternatives for the Holidays

Here they come.            Slowing creeping up. Don't try to run. Ready or not, you can't hide from... The holidays!!!   Okay, it's not as bad as all that. This time of year, while often a bit stressful, is also spiritually potent and symbolically rich. A good...

Natural Protection during the Cold and Flu Season

Ready for the bad news? There is no cure for the common cold or flu. Both are viral (not bacterial) conditions that simply need to run their course. But there's good news! There are several steps you can take to a. prevent getting sick in the first place and b....

The Healing Powers of a Walk on the Beach

“The sea washes away the ills of all mankind.” Euripides When people are asked to relax and visualize a peaceful setting, many often imagine themselves seaside, waves lapping hypnotically in the background, sun warming the body to a state of toasty bliss....

Everyone is so friendly!!

Very helpful and knowledgable. Everyone is so friendly!! They have helped me fuel my triathlon training the healthy way. Love the difference in pure health energy. Thank You. Jennifer

Reasonable prices for great food

Love this place! Reasonable prices for great food and fresh organic produce. The staff is really knowledgable and helpful too. Tara

Such lovely community!

My oasis! Such lovely community! A really awesome spread of organic produce and health foods! Kathryn

5 Stars to Pangaea Naturals.

5 Stars to Pangaea Naturals. What a great store with all the best products and freshest produce. Employees are very knowledgeable and helpful at all times. Keep up the good work! Deb

They know their stuff

Best Health food store and more! They know their stuff and have all you need. My kids love it too! Taryn

The go-to spot

The go-to spot for Manahawkin, LBI, and beyond if you’re looking for natural and organic products. Jennifer

An overall great place

Knowledgable staff. Fresh organic food. Just an overall great place. Kevin

One of my favorite places!

One of my favorite places! So thankful you are in my neighborhood. Susan

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